Solution Delivery Partnership Models

Given that Spot Solutionsis involved in defining a “Unique Value Proposition” in 2015 Q1, this topic seems relevant as not everyone in the company is aware of the different Partnership Models that Spot Solutionshas employed to deliver solutions to clients.


Spot Solutions has been engaged to provide varying degrees of consulting services to our clients. This has meant that we have adapted our Partnership model to suit the needs of each of our clients. The Spot Solutions Account Manager is responsible for all contact with the Client Executive Sponsor and for ensuring a clear understanding of the scope of the engagement.


The Spot Solutions Project Manager is responsible for guaranteeing the budget, schedule, and quality of the deliverables throughout the lifetime of the engagement.


One of the best ways of ensuring Spot Solutions will provide you the partnership model you require is to see that we have provided such a partnership model to many clients in the past and that we have become their trusted advisors for their many SharePoint projects, including upgrades and migrations.


Great Canadian Gaming Corporation selected Spot Solutions to be the single point of contact to deliver Custom Development and Ongoing Level 3 Support for all GCGC custom .NET or C# developed applications, as well as SharePoint Application Development, and Ongoing Level 3 Support of Infrastructure and Applications. It was the Technology Services Group’s intent to establish a long-term partnership with a supplier that could offer Great Canadian Gaming Corporation the best combination of resource capability, corporate experience, capacity, commitment and pricing.


Parkland County selected Spot Solutions to provide all aspects of their SharePoint Upgrade and Integration project. Documentation, knowledge transfer, training, and ongoing support were specifically identified as deliverables from the project so that Parkland County technology and business personnel would have the skills and reference material to maintain their SharePoint Intranet with minimal assistance going forward.


City of Surrey / RCMP selected Spot Solutions to provide a specific set of skills and deliverables to support the IT team in the installation, deployment, configuration, and content migration of their new SharePoint 2013 Intranet. Various members of Spot Solutions contributed expertise to the Communications team in terms of governance planning, information architecture, user experience, site navigation, and web analytics.


WorkSafeBC selected Spot Solutions to provide a wide range of services including: consultation, creation and assessment of best practices; infrastructure and architecture consultations and assessments; software upgrades and implementations; solution development including using out-of-the-box-functionality; training for technical staff on features, developed solutions or overall software knowledge; related project management; other services related to Microsoft SharePoint, .NET and K2 projects, including but not limited to support services and post support implementation services. For the SharePoint 2013 Upgrade project, Spot Solutions was to provide an advisory role rather than performing the actual upgrade so as to minimize the cost to the client. The majority of the guidance was focused around the technical aspects (approximately 70%) and the remainder of the effort focused on strategic/business elements that helped guide WorkSafeBC on how to best leverage and communicate new SharePoint 2013 capabilities.


City of Lethbridge selected Spot Solutions to provide consulting services for the three major components of their SharePoint 2013 Upgrade projects. There was a clear understanding from the outset that the majority of work was to be performed by City of Lethbridge staff with Spot Solutions operating in an advisory capacity. The knowledge transfer process has been key to ensuring that City of Lethbridge staff are able to successfully complete their tasks. The City of Lethbridge Project Manager is responsible for the overall planning and execution of the project. The Spot Solutions Engagement Lead coordinates the Project team resources, provides regular status updates and collaboratively works with the City of Lethbridge Project Manager.