Spot Solutions builds fully custom software solutions to improve our clients’ business operations and make them more efficient. We are experts in all software tools necessary to complete these tasks, including programming languages, database systems, SharePoint, and other the enterprise level tools. We have experience making your transition to Office 365 as smooth and painless. Our vast experience has produced extremely effective management systems and tools to guarantee success of every software development project.

Custom Software

Custom Software Solutions

At Spot Solutions we offer comprehensive custom software solutions in all aspects of information management and technology. We develop enterprise solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

You can improve your existing technology with custom, semi-custom software or third-party products. We provide your business with a combination of analysis, design, management, and technical expertise and implementation services to ensure that technology-based solutions are implemented in a cost-effective and appropriate manner. 



SharePoint Experts

Business Critical SharePoint

At Spot Solutions we design and build Microsoft SharePoint for your business. Microsoft SharePoint is a tool that manages all databases, documents and applications in your organization. Creating a Microsoft SharePoint platform will advance your business in areas of collaboration, content management, business intelligence and more. This powerful software solution enables us to create and manage an intranet website to inspire effective internal communication amongst employees throughout your organization. 


In addition to its rich set of out-of-the-box features, SharePoint can be configured to better suit your company's needs. Spot Solutions has the expertise in SharePoint to provide extensive customization and configuration of both site appearance and functionality. 



Mobile Solutions

Establish a Mobile Presence

Establish a mobile presence by optimizing your website for mobile devices. Spot Solutions will evaluate your business needs to determine which mobile solution is most beneficial for you.

A mobile presence is increasingly becoming a necessity in today’s modern online world. Internet connected mobile devices now outnumber their traditional desktop counterparts. To ensure a positive experience for users regardless of the size of their device, a dynamic mobile presence is essential. Spot Solutions provides the necessary expertise and experience to identify, develop, and deploy an effective mobile solution for your organization.



Web Applications

The Fastest Way to Distribute Your Application

Web applications centralize your data and application software, as well as simplify user access via any standard browser. As the diversity of internet connected devices increases, web applications are often an ideal choice.

Web applications are the most common forms of software applications these days due to the advanced capabilities of standard browsers, LANs, WANs, and the internet. Combined with the increased demand for connecting with dispersed staff, customers, vendors, and the public, web applications are often the right choice.

More Than Just a Website

Although web applications are delivered to users via a web browser, it is important to realize that they are much more than just a website which shows information about your business. The custom web application that we will build for you is comprised of several different pieces:

A user interface - a portal through which you can interact with your data: analyze it, update it, and generate customized reports from it.
Behind the interface is a database that efficiently stores your data, and
A powerful application that processes your commands, accesses your data, and presents the results to you via the web interface.



Requirements Analysis

Define Your Needs and Goals

Our consultants work with you to define the needs of your company and to design the most effective software solution to improve your business. Requirements analysis ensures the ideal approach is taken to develop your custom software solution.

  • Develop your requirements, involving all stakeholders in the process. 
  • Analyze your needs and determine the best solution, and we substantiate our solutions with a business case. 
  • Maintain a global perspective, allowing you to ultimately integrate all your processes within your enterprise—and with your suppliers, customers, partners and stakeholders.



Backend & Database

Organize and control your information using a database optimized for your business needs. Whether you are migrating between database services or upgrading to the newest version of MS SQL Server, Spot Solutions has the expertise to advance your company.



Enterprise Hosting

Since we began providing hosting services, we have offered our customers the highest quality of hosting services and support. We host many mission-critical websites and applications for clients both large and small.

We initially began providing hosting services because the sophisticated software we developed for our clients sometimes required special hosting features that were less cost effective to purchase from other hosting firms. This focus on enterprise-level, business-critical hosting services has allowed us to offer a unique level of reliability and flexibility unmatched by firms without our deep software development, data integration, and infrastructure knowledge.

Equipped with the finest hardware and software, our services support our customers' websites and applications with exceptional redundancy, reliability, speed, and security.

At Spot Solutions, we recognize our mission-critical role. Our top priority is to provide high-quality, reliable services coupled with superb customer service to all customers. We are pleased that this dedication has truly been recognized by our clients.

Our servers are protected by an extensible, multi-layer enterprise firewall featuring stateful inspection, broad application support, integrated virtual private networking (VPN), system hardening, integrated intrusion detection, smart application filters, transparency for all clients, advanced authentication, secure server publishing and security packet-, circuit- & application level traffic screening.


We have been hosting websites for over ten years. Our feature-rich packages allow you to select the right level of functionality for your organization. Our hosting packages integrate seamlessly with other web-based services we offer such as Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint.


We can host your database-driven application on managed or unmanaged, shared, co-located or virtual servers. Let us help you select the best hosting option for your database servers. Our hosting services include: Microsoft Exchange Hosting - Our hosted MS Exchange service allows you to access Microsoft’s essential messaging and collaboration software without purchasing server hardware, software licenses and dealing with ongoing maintenance issues/costs. Microsoft SharePoint Hosting - Microsoft SharePoint is the gateway to effective enterprise collaboration. Portals, intranets and web applications can simplify how people work together through improved communication and more informed decision-making. MS SharePoint Services 3.0 and the more powerful MS SharePoint Office Server 2010 leverage this potential with increasingly flexible personalization, collaboration and integration features.


Our extensive hosting experience allows us to offer you the full range of server hosting options. Let us help you determine which level and type of service best meets the needs of your organization. We offer the following hosted server options:

  • Co-location - Store your box in our rock-solid and secure tier 1 server room. 
  • Managed or Unmanaged - Choose whether your co-located server is managed by us or your internal IT team via remote access. 
  • Shared or Dedicated - Host your websites, databases and applications on our fleet of managed servers. Choose between shared servers for cost savings or your own dedicated box for maximum space and performance. 
  • Physical or Virtualized - Choose between physical shared servers or virtualized private servers as a means to increase performance while still achieving significant cost savings. We proudly use VM Ware for our entire virtual server infrastructure.



Support & Enhancements

Spot Solutions provides a full range of software development, business solutions, hosting and outsourcing services based in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia. We are committed to superior service, timely delivery and cost effectiveness in all of our projects. We work with you to:

  • Analyze your needs and determine the best solution, and we substantiate our solutions with a business case.
  • Develop your requirements, involving all stakeholders in the process.
  • Preserve your existing technology, where appropriate, and integrate new technology to meet your requirements using custom, semi-custom software or third-party products.
  • Design with open standards that allow you or a third party to further upgrade as time and resources permit.
  • Maintain a global perspective, allowing you to ultimately integrate all your processes within your enterprise—and with your suppliers, customers, partners and stakeholders.