About Us

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Who We Are

Spot Solutions builds fully customized software solutions to improve our clients’ business operations and make them more efficient.  We are experts in programming languages, database systems, SharePoint, and all other software necessary to complete these tasks.  Our vast experience has produced extremely effective management systems and tools to guarantee the success of every project.

Our software is used in business critical applications all the time. Whether tracking billions of dollars of transactions annually or protecting very personal health data, our software is the essential plumbing keeping our clients businesses operational every day.

How We Prove It

  • On time – We track every promise and over 97% of the time, we are on time.
  • On budget – Our tracked and weighted average budget performance across all our projects is nearly 100%.
  • Improved productivity – Take a look at our testimonials, our clients excel with our software!
  • Proven satisfaction – We track client satisfaction very carefully and know that our software is indeed being used.

Best Software Development Practices

  • Building the right solution – It is absolutely imperative that the correct requirements be fully explored and that the right software is designed
  • Getting buy-in from users – No matter how well an application is built, it has no value if it is not used. We embrace input and build momentum with the users
  • Delivering on time – We have developed a suite of techniques, internal and with our clients, to assure delivery of the project on time and on budget
  • Taking an iterative approach – In order to optimize a solution we recognize the benefit of continuous improvement to quality and features
  • Developing user-friendly solutions – For any solution to be effective, it must be intuitive and easy to use, whether the end users are computer experts or absolute novices

Our Process

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