Affordable Housing Societies – SharePoint Enhancements

Affordable Housing Societies – SharePoint Enhancements

Portfolio Description

Background and History

Affordable Housing Societies was established in 1982 to develop, own and manage rental housing for low and moderate income families, seniors, and singles/couples. Affordable operates under a Board of Directors made up of business, professional, and community leaders. The society has a portfolio of 62 projects, all located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Most of the projects are funded under Federal and/or Provincial government programs so that some or all of the tenants pay rent based on their income. 


The Problem

AHS had an Office 365 subscription and SharePoint that was poorly set up for their document management needs. 

Their challenges were:

  • Inappropriate file handling and permissions issues
  • Accidental deletion of shared SharePoint content
  • Low SharePoint usage.


Our Solution

To fix the problems, Spot Solutions split the project into two stages. 

Stage 1 – Current State Assessment, Requirements Documentation, and SharePoint Collaboration Policy

Stage 2 – Execution

The project team defined an optimal intranet configuration that included modern libraries and access to essential information. We developed governance standards to ensure robust document management and ensured that appropriate levels of security were in place. To manage the changes and ensure user buy-in, Spot Solutions provided comprehensive training and end-user support to satisfy any questions as needed.


The Impact 

AHS now has an effective SharePoint site that is scalable and “future-proof.”

Now they can:

  • Use SharePoint to enhance their business processes.
  • Easily find all of their information in one place without the risk of accidental deletion.
  • Protect their content with permissions and access rights.
  • Have multiple users collaborate on and edit documents at the same time.