Alberta Innovates – ADHERE Platform

Alberta Innovates – ADHERE Platform

Portfolio Description

Background and History

Alberta Innovates is the province’s largest research and innovation agency, managing a scope of funding programs and platforms which support the commercialization and uptake of technologies. Alberta has a strategic focus on being a leader in the evaluation of digital health for both clinical and direct-to-consumer technologies.

The Problem

With a growing number of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) being cultivated to develop home-grown digital health solutions, there is a need to assist SMEs in navigating engagements with researchers, post-secondary institutions, and healthcare providers, and generating the necessary evidence towards the goal of clinical or consumer adoption.

As part of the Health Platforms team, Alberta Innovates wanted to launch a digital platform hereon called the Alberta Digital Health Evaluation Resource Ecosystem (ADHERE), to help innovators with direct-to-consumer digital health technologies evaluate their products, gaining critical data and insights required for commercialization and market adoption. 

Their challenge was:

  • They needed to develop and launch a web-accessible platform that enables facilitating connections between different users (Innovators, Investors, Evaluators, Challenges) compliant with applicable regulations and following best practices.

Our Solution

Spot Solutions developed a website using Power Pages, incorporating an appealing graphic design, and providing a one-stop-shop for innovators, investors, and evaluators. The web portal includes a mechanism to record and evaluate products. In addition, the challenges section provides a way to solve everyday health challenges in creative ways.

We integrated the site with B2C (Business to Consumer) log in options to allow users to sign in using their AI credentials, IDEATE account, Google, Facebook, or Microsoft Account.

The Impact

The new solution is supporting the connection and compliance in digital products development through commercialization. The platform is facilitating connections between different users such as developers, evaluators, innovators, and challenge posters while staying compliant with applicable regulations and following best practices.

Now they can use the platform to:

  • Provide a space for innovators to showcase available products and services, specifically those seeking beta testers and/or user feedback, driving innovation within the healthcare industry.
  • Allow individuals to access and compare information about providers, apps, services, and technologies, helping them make more informed decisions regarding their health.
  • Connect citizens, businesses, innovators, and communities to power them with the tools and resources necessary to improve their health and well-being.
  • Improve healthcare outcomes, reduce costs, and increase access to information and services for all.