Elections BC – Sharepoint Training

Elections BC – Sharepoint Training

Portfolio Description

Background and History

Elections BC administers provincial general elections, by-elections, recall petitions, initiative petitions, initiative votes, referenda, and plebiscites, and oversees campaign financing and advertising rules at the local level. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives Canadian citizens the right to vote in provincial and federal elections. Elections BC is the custodian of that right for provincial elections in BC.

The Problem

Elections BC’s prior IT Support contractor was no longer with the organization, and they were left without needed support.

Their challenges were:

  • Limited technical experience.
  • No knowledge of how to maintain their SharePoint site.

Our Solution

Spot Solutions was engaged by Elections BC to provide training for their staff in SharePoint 2016. 

Experts at Spot Solutions prepared curriculum for a wide range of adult learners with limited technical experience, ensuring they would be able to use, manage, and maintain their on-premises platform.

The hands-on training was delivered to the assigned groups of employees and included the following deliverables: 

  • Presentation
  • Hands On Training
  • SharePoint 2016 User Guide (Custom)

The Impact 

Elections BC now have the skills required to maintain and enhance their SharePoint site.

Now they can:

  • Manage the platform within the business themselves.
  • Feel confident about managing the environment going forward.
  • Train new employees by using the SharePoint User Guide.