Langara College – Records Management Solution

Langara College – Records Management Solution

Portfolio Description

Langara College is an educational institution that relied on a physical and paper-based records management system. Recognizing the need for a robust records management solution, Langara engaged Spot Solution to define a streamlined approach to organize, retain, and govern their data effectively using SharePoint Online and Microsoft Purview.

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As a first step, we worked with the Records Manager to define the Retention Management Process. We mapped out the entire lifecycle of documents—from creation to eventual disposal. Key stakeholders collaborated to identify critical records, regulatory requirements, and business-critical data. This groundwork laid the foundation for a comprehensive retention strategy. 

Next, we delved into the intricacies of retention policies. Langara provided a retention schedule for all departments across the college. We configured retention labels, which are digital markers that identified items as records. These labels seamlessly adhered to documents, emails, and spreadsheets. The team defined retention periods mostly spanning several years, ensuring compliance and efficient data governance. To pilot the approach, we implemented the solution for the IT Department first to test the policies and disposition review flows. Targeted workshops were delivered to the IT department to demystify Purview’s features. 

Langara’s records management solution provides a better user experience, and records managers have certainty that information is managed according to policy and legislation. After the success of the IT implementations, Langara is planning to replicate the same approach to another 80 departments across the college.