Little Kitchen Academy – Intranet and SharePoint Online Migration

Little Kitchen Academy – Intranet and SharePoint Online Migration

Portfolio Description

Background and History

Little Kitchen Academy is the first-of-its-kind Montessori-inspired cooking academy for children ages 3-18. They provide a safe and empowering environment for children to learn practical life skills, confidence, independence, and healthy eating habits to last a lifetime.

The Problem

Little Kitchen used a Drop Box and manual processes to communicate and share documents but required more effective collaboration. 

Their challenges were

  • Lack of collaboration among staff
  • Some documents required permissions to restrict access to key individuals
  • Limited budget

Our Solution

We developed a modern Communication site for both the internal and external facing sites, designed and implemented a library and folder structure based on their needs and best practices and migrated their content from Dropbox to SharePoint Online. We helped them maximize their budget for the project by empowering them to take on some of the training tasks towards the end of the project.

The Impact 

Little Kitchen Academy now has a well-designed SharePoint platform, including internal and external facing sites, that can be used for collaboration and business productivity and is both scalable and “future-proof.”

Now they can

  • Quickly find and access their documents.
  • Collaborate across the organization.
  • Be confident that their sensitive information is secure.