Portfolio Description

    PenderFund Capital Management is an investment management firm that manages a suite of niche investment funds. Pender’s processes for reporting on performance of each of their funds, and creating industry standard fund data sheets, required extensive manual intervention. Spot Solutions analyzed their business processes and architected a software system to automate all the steps. The software solution we created retrieved the fund performance data automatically from Pender’s data provider, the Bank of Nova Scotia, and automatically created the appropriate fund data sheets, updated the website and notified Pender staff on the status of each import batch. With regulatory approval to launch in Quebec and the east coast, the whole application was made to support multiple languages, with French as the initial second language. With this solution, Pender was able to substantially reduce staff workloads, reduce errors and provide a better product to the public.

    Spot Solutions was also engaged by Pender Fund to assist with the migration of content from the Network Drive into their new SharePoint Online environment. This project progressed to include the development of several SharePoint Online sites for the following teams –

    • Financial Operations
    • Financial Reporting
    • Trading Team

    Each site was developed with the input from critical stakeholders to both replace traditional network drives and file structures as well as to implement workflow automation and modern SharePoint Features. This project involved the use of SharePoint Online, Power Platform and ShareGate to migrate the content to the new environment. In addition to the SharePoint site design, development and implementation Spot Solutions Ltd also provided a series of training sessions for End Users and Site Owners and the IT Team to assist them in gaining the knowledge needed to support the organization. Spot Solutions also works with the IT team to develop strategic initiatives and provide solutioning for organizational challenges and requirements.