PHS Services

PHS Services

Portfolio Description

Background and History

PHS Community Services Society (PHS) is a charitable non-profit that provides housing, healthcare, harm reduction and health promotion for some of the most vulnerable and under-served people in Vancouver and Victoria. 

The Problem

PHS was looking to streamline their business processes for their staff in the field.

Their challenges were:

  • Manual processes were time-consuming for staff
  • Assessments had to be completed at the main desk as there was no mobile option
  • Lack of reporting with information being difficult to collect and compile

The Solution

To fix the problems, Spot Solutions developed two mobile apps to help automate their processes.

The OPS Tracker is a Power App with workflow connected to a SharePoint. Employees at harm reduction sites can check in individuals, dispense supplies, and identify services used. This app includes a GPS location field to track the exact location supplies or services were dispensed.

The Shelter Intake Form streamlines the intake and assessment of clients. The form uses branching logic whereby follow up questions are supplied only when they are relevant. Completed intake forms send a notification to the Shelter manager for review and approval. Power BI is used to visualize the collected data.

To manage the changes and ensure user buy-in, Spot Solutions provided comprehensive training and end-user support to satisfy any questions as needed.

The Impact 

With the automation in place, PHS field staff can better spend their time helping their clients.

Now they can:

  • Complete assessments in the field
  • Automatically track the exact location supplies or services were dispensed
  • Achieve greater accuracy in their inventory and automatically notify Purchasing to replenish supplies
  • Automatically notify shelter managers upon completing an intake 
  • Easily collect and share information and visualize the data in Power BI reports