Washington Companies – SharePoint Online Intranet Migration and Implementation 

Washington Companies – SharePoint Online Intranet Migration and Implementation 

Portfolio Description

Background and History 

The Washington Companies is the privately held parent company of several independent entities. They reliably provide equipment, technology, and specialized services that allow their customers to operate more efficiently and profitably. Their endeavors are in marine transportation, rail transportation, heavy equipment distribution, environmental remediation, mining, and aviation technology and service. 

The Problem 

As part of an overall move to a modern digital workspace, Washington Companies was looking to modernize and migrate their SharePoint sites by moving them from the legacy SharePoint 2016 platform to SharePoint Online. 

Their challenges were: 

  • Their workflows had redundant steps. 
  • They needed to have seamless collaboration among departments and teams. 
  • They wanted to align with industry best practices and compliance standards. 

Our Solution 

Washington Companies engaged Spot Solutions to assist in a number of projects to modernize intranets for several companies within the Washington Companies Group. These projects required Spot Solutions to develop site architecture, engage their stakeholders to redesign sites to incorporate modern features, migrate their sites from SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online, replace their existing workflows with modern Power Automate workflows, develop a modern communication site, and migrate site pages and content.  

The Impact  

Washington Companies entities now have engaging intranets that allow their employees to quickly access the information they need. 

Now they have: 

  • Eliminated redundant workflow steps, leading to improved efficiency and time savings. 
  • Easily collaborate across departments and teams 
  • A modern and intuitive interface with improved user experience and accessibility. 
  • Advanced search functionality to quickly locate their valuable information.