What is change management?

Organizational change management is critical to the successful implementation of any system, process, or change to a business. Changes in businesses often fail because of a lack of communication. Either it hasn’t been accurately communicated to the users, the users refuse to adapt to the changes, or because they feel that they don’t understand why change is needed. This is why change management is crucial: it opens the door for communication, and acclimation to change methodically.

This is where Spot Solutions comes in. We have a complete team with experience and expertise in change management, that are certified in different methodologies. With a communication plan, we’ll help you identify what about the changes you need to communicate, when, and who to communicate the various aspects from. We provide support in the form of sessions of “Ask Me Anything” and pre-change training. Throughout the process of training, we will provide further support to guide you through the process. Real, effective change starts with building a dialogue about why things need to change, how they will change, and what the real impact will be for the people who complete the task day to day.

The ADKAR Approach

While there are many change methodologies, and our business analysts and project managers are certified in various ones, the one Spot Solutions has been using most frequently lately is the ADKAR approach.

  • Identify what problems and pain points exist within your current system, process, or business practice
  • Create a plan for change to solve these problems
  • Communicate the issues with your employees and users, as well as what changes you have in mind and intend to implement so that they are aware of what is to come
  • Give your employees an opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions
  • Gauge your employees’ reactions to your planned changes
  • Identify any concerns that they may have and address them
  • Begin building a desire for the change, explaining why this is the best choice, how this will help employees, as well as how it will improve the organization, process, or business practice



  • Provide training or coaching to explain to users what they need to do once the change is in place
  • Address any knowledge or skill gaps
  • Explain how this will affect the day-today work as well as other processes that are in place



  • Ensure that the required tools are available to your users
    • Templates, rules, access, licensing, and so on.
  • Schedule practice runs before full implementation
  • Set reasonable goals and metric to be able to monitor performance immediately following rhe change
  • Adjust processes as necessary


  • Monitor the change over time to ensure it fulfills your desired outcome
  • Check in with users to ensure that the change is working for them, using positive feedback and recognition to encourage them to follow the new processes
  • Look for continuous improvement and measuring success over time to determine if additional changes are necessary

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