Database: Control Your Information


Database Planning, Design and Migration

In any enterprise it is essential to organize and control your information to support your business operations.  The best way to do this is through a relational database that is optimized for your business needs.  

For smaller teams or individuals, MS Access is a useful tool.  For web applications MySQL is an excellent choice.  And for larger enterprise needs a more robust database engine such as MS SQL Server or Oracle are the best choices.  We can assist with all of these platforms, and for database requirements from individuals and small teams to large organizations or even public websites with millions of transactions per day. 

Our team of experts can assist you to connect data from diverse data sources to provide a central repository of particular business data.  We can assist you with upgrading or migrating data to different data sources.  We can architect and build high-availability database configuration with replication, log-shipping or other techniques to make sure your data is always available, even through infrastructure failures. 

Our Process

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