Build YOUR Intranet to Suit YOUR Business.

Here at Spot, we want to understand your business processes to build an intranet solution that will fit your needs. Our team of designers, business analysts, and developers are here to make an intuitive and mobile Intranet that speaks to your needs. You know how you run your business, what you need are the tools to allow you to do so efficiently, not for your in-a-box intranet to tell you how to run it.

Features of an Intranet

Document Management

Compile relevant documents in libraries for easy access and navigation of the information most important to you and your employees. Set permissions, create departmental libraries, and upload documents all in one contained space.


From creating employee directories to help you track down and contact that coworker you really need to review a document, to easy online co-editing documents, working together has never been easier.


Save the hassle of emailing everyone and anyone with your quick question. With the ability to comment, create forums or message boards, and integrate social feeds into your company intranet, users will find communication simple and effective.

Business Automation

Remove the piles of paper, confusing email trails and lack of visibility in a process by digitizing them. Create workflows to manage the approval routing of documents, create pathways to share and distribute information more readily, all through your intranet.

Mobile Compatibility

Take your work on the go, while still maintaining contact with not only your coworkers, but any information you may need. Easily edit and contribute to documents, posts, and so on, even when you can’t be at the office.

Bespoke Design

At Spot Solutions, we will build your intranet to fit your unique needs. We’ll reflect your branding, integrate the services to best benefit your business and employees, and automate your business processes.

Our Roadmap


  • As a first step, Spot will analyze the current SharePoint installation, gathering information on Current SharePoint information architecture, including content, navigational structure, search destinations, branding, existing workflows, analytics, integration, collaboration tools etc.
  • Spot will create mock-ups for several key features of SharePoint to be shown to the different business areas as well as gather requirements on the needs of the different business units.


  • The first step will be planning the SharePoint governance and architecture.
  • The second step will be generating a deployment roadmap and engagement plan


  • During this stage, Spot will execute the future state planning from Stage 2 and configure the new SharePoint environment as required.
  • Perform testing and user acceptance while also completing training as necessary
  • Project closure, including discussing future project phases

Would you like more  INFORMATION?

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