What is PowerApps?

PowerApps gives you the building blocks to create new apps for both business and organizational processes. PowerApps is one of many tools used in the automation process, digitizing your forms and workflows for accessibility. The goal of PowerApps is to enable business users to build new capabilities via apps, and we at Spot Solutions utilize it alongside other programs such as PowerAutomate to create solutions to your complex issues. Often used as a data collector, PowerApps has the ability to connect to sources such as SharePoint, SQL, and more that act as a back-end repository to store the data.  PowerApps does the heavy lifting, while users can create, manage, and share business apps on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Why PowerApps?

The apps you create can be embedded into your sites, and are easily optimized for mobile devices. This allows for fast, on-the-go updates, and is crucial for on-site reporting. Using PowerApps and it’s many possible connectors allows you to create one connected platform; you can combing and access your data from different places across your organization for maximum functionality. In addition, PowerApps is intuitive and easy to use, and offers the flexibility for admins to see all your apps, and to control users and permissions. Furthermore, PowerApps complies with most regulatory requirements for audit ability of forms, and any and all sensitive data will remain secure.

PowerApps Examples:

Incident Investigations

Ensure that you have all the details at the site of an incident by creating an app that allows you to report the details onsite. By developing an incident investigation and reporting app, you can ensure the report is submitted directly to the department for follow up immediately, on the scene.

Leave Tracking

Enable employees to enter and edit leave requests, while managers can access and get quick insight no matter where they are. Need to know if someone will be in the office on a certain day? Create a calendar within the app to track and show who is on leave and when.

Job site Inspection

Complete a site inspection on your phone from the site itself with an app designed to allow you enter gps coordinates, photos, videos, and notes. All of the data would then be sent to your central source for easy collection and later review. Connect inspections to power BI or other reporting tools to identify trends.

Training Requests

Create an app that would allow employees to submit a request specific or general training at any time. Subsequently, managers can assess the requests, approve or deny, and schedule training sessions from the same app, allowing the employees to view the status of their requests.

Expense Reporting and Tracking

Track, report, and update spending on projects and events by developing an app to handle the data for you. Expensing can be made much simpler with an app that will create tracking graphs on your behalf, and can take photos of the receipts before you have the chance to lose them.

Project Management

Create an app to organize the hierarchy of your project management team, assign jobs, and keep track of progress. Keep track of due dates and project stages easily from your desktop or phone. Push out tasks, track percentages complete, and much, much more.

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