Requirements Analysis

Requirements Analysis: Get it Right The First Time

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Make Sure You Get What You Need

  • Develop your requirements, involving all stakeholders in the process.
  • Analyze your needs and determine the best solution, and we substantiate our solutions with a business case.
  • Maintain a global perspective, allowing you to ultimately integrate all your processes within your enterprise—and with your suppliers, customers, partners and stakeholders.
  • Implement a diverse set of tools to flush out requirements such as interviews, diagramming, charts, and business process diagrams.
Diagram of requirement process

Mental Model

The mental model process is an extremely powerful tool to design new software solutions that meet real customer needs.  After all, the Mental Model has no interest in building software.  It is interested in solving a business problem, and the software used for that purpose is a tool to implement that solution.  But only if it’s the right software, and it is embraced by the users.  Here are the highlights:

  • Talk to People about what they do on a daily basis
  • Build a Mental Model of the entire process
  • Generate Ideas that directly match and solve the customer / user needs
  • Do a SWOT Analysis, analyzing your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Make a Strategy Canvas to map competitors and competitive products
  • Design the User Interface to meet real user needs expressed in the mental model
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