SharePoint Saturday – A Hacker’s Dream: SharePoint Talk

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SharePoint Saturday – A Hacker’s Dream: SharePoint Talk

A recent study shows two-thirds of SharePoint users have no security policy !!

Ian Naumenko is the Director of IT and Security Operations at Spot Solutions. He has worked with SharePoint since its inception (Taho). He is also an expert and certified as an Information Security professional. The combination of the two gives him a unique perspective of how minimize risk when using SharePoint for storing sensitive corporate data.

SharePoint has become ubiquitous in enterprise for content, collaboration and even public facing web sites, but most organizations don’t understand how vulnerable their content is when stored in SharePoint. This translates into a smorgasbord of opportunity for a hungry information-hijacker, and could easily turn into an all-you-can-eat buffet for the masses. This presentation will explore the SharePoint security framework, vulnerabilities within this framework, and what we can do to better protect our sensitive information. If we have time we might even “hack” a few sites to demonstrate the problem :)

Come on out on Saturday March 12th to SharePoint Saturday. Held at UBC – Robson Square 800 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC from 2 – 3pm. Click here for more information.